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Washing stations :




Inside wash of a powder tank

3 tracks are at your disposal, of which one is for food tankers.

Internal washing of liquid food tankers

1 track is specially equipped for washing, sterilizing and drying your tanks and accessories.

Interior washing of dumper

Qualimat Transport approved station, we welcome and deal with any operation of washing and disinfection of road dumpers, with the exception of household refuse dumpers.

Interior washing of refrigerators

Our food specialization covers tankers, lorries and refrigerated trailers with a service of washing and disinfection. A washing certificate is issued, allowing veterinary checks to proceed.

Exterior washing of all vehicles

We booked 2 tracks for exterior washing services of your lorries and vans. With our specific and efficient equipment, we welcome all types of vehicles with a maximum height of 4.60m and 3.20m width (car transporters, tankers, dumpers, tautliners, vans, cranes, flatbeds, public works machines, etc.)

Aesthetic preparation of new and used vehicles

From HGVs to vans, we clean the exterior and interior and the cab interior (plastics, glass, fabrics, leather, etc.) and your vehicle equipment. Thanks to the range of FLOWEY professional products, your vehicle finds a new lease of life!